Flag Poles


A.D.Coote & Co. manufacture and or supply a full range of flagpoles from small garden master columns up to thirty metre 16 sided towers.

Many people like to have a flagpole in their front yard for special occasions and the Garden Master is perfect for this application as it is easy to install and can be taken down when its use is not required.

We can also supply flagpoles with internal halyards so that the flags can not be lowered and removed by unauthorised people.

These columns have a weighted ring at the top that skirts the column guiding the flag as it is lowered. The access panel can be secured with a security screw or be lockable.

For further information on camera poles please contact our office and have with you the following information:

  • Flag size.
  • Height flag will be mounted.
  • Location where column will be installed (for wind loading)

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