The Heritage


The Heritage is a column design that was developed to complement the existing columns in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia.

After supplying several hundred for this project it was decided to add this column to our standard range. The Heritage is an off-spin of the successful Bordeaux range with an increase in base diameter and a double step down to give this column added character.

Available in both in-ground and base plate mounted and mounting heights of 3.5m, 4.5m and 6m.

Other mounting heights can be accommodated if required as well as minor design changes to make the column more unique to a particular development.

They can be supplied with pipe curved or gooseneck single or double outreaches for different types of luminaries as well as a double head frame to take twin coach lamps as seen on the down load product data sheet.

The Heritage columns are supplied powder coated in a wide selection of standard colours or a galvanised finish if required.

For more information on The Heritage contact our sales team or come in and have a look at our lighting column display area.

A.D.Coote & Company Pty. Ltd. offer a wide range of accessories and services including, but not limited to.

  • Head Frames for single or multiple lighting arrangements
  • Pipe outreaches and gooseneck fittings
  • Rag Bolts and cages with recommended footing sizes
  • Computer aided design facilities
  • Assistance or organisation of installations
  • Powder Coating or wet painting
  • Delivery, including Hiab when prearranged (speak to our sales team)

Product data sheets can be downloaded by selecting the download button below. Our standard range of Heritage Columns identified with the code on the left side of the chart (identified HERT = heritage, 030 = height in metres and B or G for baseplate or inground mount).


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