Street Vision

In 2000 A.D.Coote and Co. were approached by Western Power to develop a range of decorative columns to fill a need of developers and councils to make streetscapes more appealing.

We drew from our previous experiences in supplying decorative columns to come up with a range that used elements of previous projects as well as some new designs that we had been working on.




Pictured above are our standard range of Street Vision columns showing single and double outreach options. The Bordeaux columns displayed have a Nostalgia bracket and Avenue bracket.

These columns along with powder coated standard Western Power columns can now be seen throughout Western Australia with many developers choosing decorative columns over the standard galvanised types.

Also many established areas are being converted to underground power with the timber power poles being removed and replaced with decorative columns or standard powder coated columns.

Bordeaux columns come in standard heights of 3.5 metres, 4.5 metres and 6 metres and are fitted with either Avenue brackets or Nostalgia brackets.

Etsa style, Rocky style and Meadow Springs style come in heights of 10.5 metres and 12.5 metres with either double or single configuration as well as a 6.5m single version of each.

All these columns come standard as in ground mount and the 10.5 metre and 12.5 metre impact absorbing columns unless in a cyclonic area.

For more information on Western Power Street Vision columns contact our sales office

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