Suited mainly to Street Lights, outreaches are used when a fitting needs to be projected out from a column to a distance of a metre or more.

In fact A.D.Coote manufacture and supply both curved and straight outreaches up to a length of 4.5 metres in our standard range.

They are used mainly in a streetscape situation when the light needs to be out where the traffic is yet must be directed downwards to prevent spill.

Other applications for the use of outreaches is in car parks and lane ways as well a cycle paths and mine sites.

When enquiring about outreach type lighting columns we need to know the fitting being used or at least the mounting, spigot type as well as the mounting height of the light fitting and what type and length outreach is required.

From this we are able to calculate the height column required to suit the application.

A breakdown of our product codes can be found HERE.


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