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adcooteA.D. Coote & Co. (sheetmetal) Pty Ltd was incorporated in June 1968 to make sheet metal building products for its parent Company A.D. Coote & Co. Pty Ltd (plumbers) which was incorporated in 1966.

Both Companies were founded by Mr. A D (Des) Coote and we have expanded our products to include all types of metal fabrication including the forming of six millimetre plate up to thirteen metres in length.

The business is divided into the following three sections

  • Lighting Columns
  • Metal Fabrication shop (Jobbing)
  • Roofing Products

And the metal products can either be as components or complete systems. These products can be produced from carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper or coated steel.

A.D. Coote & Co. operates from a fully equipped workshop factory at its Head Office complex in Welshpool providing up to date equipment for management, production and quality control activities while employing a large production workforce which is supported by administration, technical and supervisory personnel.

On top of this we now have a close supply relationship with one of the major column manufacturers in mainland China and import a large range of columns. This arrangement was put into place once stringent criteria where met in the way of quality and suitability for use.

All aspects of the product supplied have been tested including welds, steel grade and galvanising quality to ensure all relevant Australian standards are met. This arrangement has let us venture into areas that we have been excluded from in the past due to our manufacturing capacity as our supplier can manufacture and supply columns up to a 12mm wall thickness.

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