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A.D.Coote & Co.

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Fabricated aluminium and steel manufacturers and suppliers in Perth

A.D.Coote & Co. are manufacturers and suppliers of sheet metal products including light poles and general metal fabricated products. We manufacture with various steel grades and thicknesses in stainless steel and aluminium.

A.D. Coote & Co. operates from a fully equipped workshop and factory at its Head Office complex in Welshpool, Western Australia providing up-to-date equipment for management, production and quality control activities while employing a large production workforce that is supported by administration, technical and supervisory personnel.

To view our products just click on the links above. As well as being light pole suppliers, our manufacturing range includes, but is not limited to, street light poles, flood lighting poles, communication poles, multi-function poles, solar poles, banner poles, camera poles, and wind turbine poles.

We can manufacture or supply in a fixed light pole format or centre hinged for ease of maintenance and have octagonal, twelve-sided, sixteen-sided and for special applications, we are able to offer tapered round poles.

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