Rainwater Goods, Gutters & Flashings

Rainwater Goods, Gutters & Flashings

A.D.Coote & Co. manufacture and, or supply an extensive range of rainwater goods including Down pipes, Gutters and Flashings.

Flashings are the finishing point to many metal structures and apart from being there to stop water penetration and damage they put that added touch to the final looks of the project.

We supply an extensive range of standard flashings or we can cut and press specials to meet the customer’s needs (our longline press has a 50 tonne capacity and is able to press lengths up to 9100 mm at a thickness of 3.0mm). See our flashing chart for ideas of shape and sizes.

All of our standard flashings, gutters and down pipes are supplied in zincalume or colour bond finish but we are also able to manufacture from aluminium, copper or stainless steel if required.

Contact our sales staff for prices and availability of any rainwater goods you may need.

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Standard down pipe sizes are:

Round – 75mm and 100mm

Rectangular – 95mm x 45mm – 100mm x 50mm – 100mm x 75mm – 125mm x 100mm and 150mm x 100mm

Square – 75mm x 75mm – 100mm x 100mm – 150mm x 150mm

We also supply Brackets, Pops and shoes to suit these downpipes.

We can manufacture or supply a wide variety of gutters in lengths up to 8000mm long in either Zincalume or Colour. Some of the standard gutters we supply are.

  • Quad Gutter
  • ¼ Round Gutters
  • ½ Round Gutters
  • Colonial Gutter
  • Ranceline Gutter
  • Sheerline Gutter

We also supply all brackets and stop ends.

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