Pipework & Manufacturing

Pipework & Manufacturing

With our trained and certified welders, A.D. Coote can offer workmanship and quality assurance for all of your welding and pipework fabrication needs. We are capable of manufacturing any pressure or non-pressure steel piping and welding other steel products to meet your requirements no matter how complex the shape, dimension or angles of the steel items might be.

A.D. Coote’s expert steel fabrication team design and manufactures pipework for heavy industry pipe systems used in engineering services and heavy equipment industries. Depending on the application of the piping, we will use our extensive knowledge in selecting the best pipe manufacturing process to ensure the pipework is best protected from damage, corrosion and abrasion.

Pipe Welding and Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • External Pipes
  • Straight Pipe Lengths
  • Radius Elbows
  • Pipe Spools
  • Pipe Lining


We provide surface treatments and pipe linings to protect and steel piping from damage, cracks & corrosion and to prevent leaks. These pipe linings can be used to protect hydraulic pipes, sewer pipes or repair heavy industry piping.

We also manufacture other custom steel items using various metal types from light to medium plate work to various steel grades and thicknesses. These include the following:

  • Steel Gravity Chutes
  • Stainless Steel Hoppers
  • Metal Separation Tanks
  • Steel Liners


If we haven’t listed the pipework or steel fabricated product that you require, please contact us and our team will create a package and provide design and fabrication drawings to meet your needs.


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