Camera Columns


Camera columns are fast becoming a part of normal life and, though some feel it is an intrusion into their private lives, they are set up to create a safer environment.

Although the actual load implied to the column is of little consequence the deflection limits are important as excessive movement will create a blurred image which is of little use.

Because of this, camera columns are usually manufactured to a maximum deflection of one degree with some requirements even less than this, therefore a camera column is of a larger diameter than a lighting column.

Mountings for camera columns come in many different types including spigot mount, plate mount and gooseneck arms and A.D.Coote can manufacture columns and brackets to suit all of these mounting types.

For further information on camera poles please contact our office and have with you the following information:

  • Camera size and quantities.
  • Height camera will be mounted.
  • Deflection criteria for the camera. (normally supplied by the camera manufacturer
  • Location where column will be installed (for wind loading information)

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