Banner Columns


A.D. Coote & Co has developed a large range of banner columns to suit most applications.

Banner columns are stronger than a lighting column of a similar size, and are specially designed to take the load that occurs when a strong wind is applied to the banners.

If banner arms are to be used with lighting columns they must be designed accordingly.

These columns may be single banner arm, for single banners on one side of the column, or double banner arms to suit larger banners and may be powder coated to any standard colour.

The standard which is adopted by most Local Authorities is the banner size used by the City of Perth, i.e. 3000mm high x 1500mm wide.

Steel Banner arms for existing tapered columns are available but these are generally for single banners 1200mm high by 500mm wide.

Special care must be taken for banners to be placed on existing columns and a design check must be done to assess structural adequacy.

For further information on banner poles please contact our office and have with you the following information:

  • Banner size and quantities.
  • Height banner will be mounted.
  • Location where column will be installed (for wind loading information)

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