Screw Pile Footings

Screw Pile Footings

Another option to concrete footings that has become more common in recent years is the use of screw pile footings.

A.D.Coote & Co. in conjunction with the SFL Group can supply and install Star Fin screw piles on most column installations.

Star Fin System Components are

  • High tensile steel screw pier.
  • High tensile steel fin assembly.
  • High tensile steel drive plate.
  • High tensile steel changeable hold down bolts.

screw-pile-footings-2No foundation excavation also means no concrete is required, which in remote or inaccessible locations  can be critical.

Another advantage is that the same machine that is used for light pole erection can also be used for the Star Fin installation.

A.D.Coote & Co. have used and recommend this system for bowling greens as there is minimal disturbance to the area around the greens themselves.

Installations with the Star Fin the applications are only limited to your own imagination, for example it is the perfect foundation for Lighting columns, Traffic lights, Electrical transmission poles, Flag poles, Shade Structures, noise barriers and road signage etc.

The Star Fins come in various sizes and are engineered to suit different pole heights and base plates.

For further information on Star Fin installations please contact our sales office and speak to a sales representative.

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