Rag Bolts & Footing Cages

Base plate mounted columns require Rag Bolts and footing cages regardless of column size.

A.D.Coote & Co. have a standard range of bolts that consist of M16 and M24  “U” bolts and M30 bolts that come as “L” bolts.

All standard rag bolts come with one template but a second is available on request. All our rag bolt sets come complete with 2 nuts and washers per bolt.

Other sizes and configurations are available when required eg. for larger columns.

A.D.Coote & Co. also manufacture and supply footing cages and we are able to give preliminary footing designs.

For fully engineered footings we will require soil reports which we can help with arranging. With this we can get footings engineered at reasonable cost.

For further information contact our sales staff.


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