Policy Statement

A.D Coote & Co is a provider of all types of metal fabrication of up to six (6) millimetre plate and up to 13.5 metres in length, the company is fully committed to providing excellent service, value and cost effective products to our clients requirements while meeting contractual statutory and regulatory obligations and requirements for safety, service quality and reliability.

The company is committed to the concepts and ideals of the continuous improvement process A.D. Coote & Co supports the view that through an efficient and effective management system will be able to develop the skills required to establish and secure our position as a major supplier of light pole fabrications to Government and the private sector. A.D. Coote & Co. follow documented processes that comply to the requirements of  ISO 9001 -2008 Quality System

The company believes that success is achieved by:

  • Being Client focused  ie The need to meet the clients needs and expectations as described in contract documents.
  • Strategic Management and Planning.
  • Alignment with approved suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Training and Motivation.
  • Adherence to documented processes.
  • Investigation of System deficiencies and implementation of effective corrective action.
  • Continuous Improvement.
  • Maintaining suitable premises and equipment.
  • Business Planning, resource management and monitoring of key performance indicators.

The Executive Management Team is fully committed to the successful implementation and maintenance of the Management System It is the responsibility of all personnel to actively participate in all related activities Management shall provide all necessary resources for the management and performance of the work including verification and audit activities and in doing so we are able to give our customers Quality Assurance and our employees Work Satisfaction.

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