Welcome to the A.D.Coote & Co. download page.

Here you can find direct links to all the downloads on this site along with a number of procedures including column assembly, erection and footing guides.

We will add more downloads to this page as they come up and have also added some useful links at the bottom of the page.

A.D. Coote & Co. Related Documents

Type Description Link
Account Application Fill in and send back to set up a trading account Download
Terms & Conditions Please read our terms and conditions carefully Download
Company Profile A brief rundown on A.D.Coote & Co. Download
Contact Sheet Print out and keep handy Download
Capability Statement Print out and keep handy Download

Lighting Columns Related Documents

Type Description Link
Product Codes Explanation of standard product codes Download
Fixed Base Plate Product sheet for fixed base plate mounted columns Download
Fixed In-ground Product sheet for fixed In-ground mounted columns Download
Hinged Columns Product sheet for Centre Hinged columns Download
RHS & Pipe Product sheet for Square and Round columns Download
The Bordeaux Product sheet for decorative Bordeaux columns Download
The Heritage Product sheet for decorative Heritage columns Download
Street Vision Product sheet for standard Western Power “street vision” columns Download
Head Frames Product sheet for standard Head Frames Download
Outreaches Product sheet for standard Curved & Straight Outreaches Download
Rag Bolts & Cages Product sheet for standard Rag Bolts Download
Assembly Procedure Lighting column assembly guide Download
Erection Procedure Lighting column erection guide Download
Centre Hinge Operation Raising and lowering a Centre Hinged column Download
Rag Bolt Installation Installing rag bolts for concrete footings Download
Columns Enquiry Form Download – printout – fill in and fax or e-mail to us Download

Fabrication Shop and Roofing Related Documents

Type Description Link
C-Span Product sheet for C-Span roof sheeting PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE
Flashing Guide Download our flashing ordering guide to help you place phone orders Download

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